2017 Gen-to-Gen Conference

August 15, 2017
7:30 a.m – 2:30 p.m

North Campus Research Complex (NCRC)
2800 Plymouth Road, Building 18
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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Theme: Breaking down Barriers and Encouraging Collaborations

This is a University of Michigan Signature Event!

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There are 5 generations currently in today’s workplace. With a 6th generation soon to be added-Generation Z, the question becomes how do we coexist to form a better work environment which produces a more productive outcome and increasing bottom-line. A high percentage of workplace challenges arise from differences in generational values. Work and communication styles, respect, secession planning and workplace ethics are some of the toughest obstacles facing us today. This conference will offer tools and techniques, practical and best practices on how to overcome these obstacles and develop collaborations.


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