2018 Healthcare Diversity Summit Topics

“The risk of no Action vs. the power of Inclusion”

In this session will include dialogue on the risk of a “business as usual”mentality in today’s competitive healthcare sector. Discussion will include anexamination of the exclusionary tendencies that are built into traditionalpolicies and procedures for leadership, management and human resources,the benefits of long-term strategic efforts focused on behavioral changemethodology, and how this differentiation leads to a competitive advantage.

“Reading Between the Lines: The Challenges of Micro-inequities”

It is probably safe to say that we have all been subject to small acts or conversations that made us uncomfortable or alienated. Micro-inequities in health care settings have the ability to erode professional relationships, undermine patient care, and at times, generate a hostile environment. This session will include dialogue on effective strategies for the individual and organization to address hidden biases and practices that generate micro-inequities.