2017 Healthcare Diversity Summit Topics

“Cultural Competence: Diversity in Action”

Diversity training can be very beneficial and is essential to any organization’s success. However, training without proper execution is futile. Cultural competence not only considers differences in the ethnicity, gender, religion, physical ability, social status, age, educational background, etc. of each individual, but also focuses on the actual application of lessons learned and skills obtained through academia, training, hands-on experiences, community outreach, employee resource groups, and daily interaction with patients and personnel.

“Beyond Diversity – Becoming a Culture of Inclusive Excellence”

The changing demographics and economics of our growing multicultural world, and the long-standing disparities in the health status of people from culturally diverse backgrounds has challenged health care providers and organizations to consider cultural diversity as a priority and moving past the concept of diversity. Instead focusing more on the concept of a culture of inclusion that will lead to excellence.